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Join Creation Spirituality Communities for a weekend of inspiration, growth, and celebration of our sacred work on our sacred earth. Whether you are an activist, a poet, a practitioner, a mystic, or a scientist…If you are seeking to connect your purpose and pursuits to the spirituality of creation,
this gathering is for you.

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Super Nova Sponsorship – $1000
Susan and Leon Evans
Carolyn Million
Lyn Ransom and Ken Guilmartin

Planetary Sponsorship – $500
Gail Ransom

Elemental Sponsor: – $250
J. Melvin Bricker
Pamela Meadowcroft Holland
Dr. Sheila Collins, InterPlay Pittsburgh
Trinity Church of Austin, TX

Neutronic Sponsors: $100
John Robinson
Carol Vaccariello
Shirley Blanke
Peter Shipton
Mary Franklin
Debbie Wells & Randy Wiesenmayer
Chuck Spence

Patty McGrath
Diane Wolverton Sontum



Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox

Spiritual Theologian, Activist, and Author

Inviting you to join The Order of the Sacred Earth

Saturday, April 28, 4:00 pm


ABRAHAM JAM in Concert!

A rousing, joyful performance by an interfaith trio, each internationally known in his own right. Together, they create an evening of to-tapping music enriched by their diversity. Learn more.

Thursday, April 26, 7:00 pm

Dr. Michael Mansfield

Michael Mansfield, model and mentor for movement and ritual in the CS community,  will be our morning Body Prayer leader,  bringing us in contact with our own body’s wisdom and sending us into our day ready to engage in the mystery of community.


Dr. Marcia McFee

Worship Designer, Consultant, and Author

Unveiling six new Creation Spirituality Worship Designs

Friday, April 27, 7:00 pm

Dr. Howard Hanger

Founder and Minister of Ritual and Celebration
at the Jubilee Community, our host for the
Gathering and a workshop leader.


Program Schedule

This gathering offers you a wide variety of activities to involve your whole self–through body prayer, interactive presentations, conversation, celebration, the arts, ritual, workshops, and more.

Detailed Schedule


A host of offerings led by Creation Spirituality and Asheville community leaders and practitioners to inspire and inform your daily connection to the sacredness of creation. CLICK HERE for an overview of our 24 workshops and an introduction to their presenters.


A curated show of visual and video art, mixed media, and three dimensional art by members of the Creation Spirituality community, the Asheville community, and participants in the Gathering. (Link available soon)


Time and space is set aside during the gathering for cohort circles–where poets, musicians, artists, and authors can meet together, set up an interactive display table with examples to share and products to sell. Affinity groups will gather on Sunday to share wisdom and insights in areas of mutual dedication. Learn more here.


A totally active immersion celebration to cleanse our soul and connect your heart, mind, and spirit to the community and to the sacred work you pursue in the world. More information