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Sacred Earth ~ Sacred Work : LIVE STREAMING

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Can’t get to Asheville? For a reasonable registration fee, you can have a center seat for all plenary events. Just before the gathering, you will receive a password which will allow you to access the live stream from a page on our website.  These live stream videos will be available for a full month following the Gathering (until June 1).  You can also purchase DVD’s of specific portions of the Gathering from Conti productions.

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When you purchase one registration to live stream the the SACRED EARTH-SACRED WORK Gathering, you will receive another free registration. Within 24  hours of registering, you will receive a code for a second person to register for free. You and a friend can split the cost — making your individual expense for the whole weekend—including the Cosmic Mass—less than $40! Find a live streaming buddy and register today!
 Here are the Gathering events that will be available on live stream:

Thursday, April 26  
7:30   Opening Ceremonies
           ABRAHAM JAM interfaith trio:  
           David LaMotte + Billy Jonas + Dawud Wharnsby
           Opening act – Daniel Barber

Friday,  April 27  
8:30    Body Prayer with Michael Mansfield
9:15     Workshop: 
The Bush University: Aboriginal Spiritual Law with Paul Taylor
10:45   Earth Activist Panel, Skylar Wilson and Jen Listug, hosts

Lunch Break

1:15    Workshop:
Reclaiming the Wild Spirit, Skylar Wilson and Jennifer Listug 
2:45    Workshop:
Dancing our Sacred Earth, Dancing our Sacred Work, with Michael Mansfield
4:00    Elder InnerView with Howard Hanger
5:00    Honorary Elder Ordination of Howard Hanger

Dinner Break

7:00 Marcia McFee Keynote Address
8:00 CS Worship and Launch of Dr McFee’s six new “Sacred Earth- Sacred Work” worship designs

Saturday, April 28 
8:30    Body Prayer with Michael Mansfield
9:15    Workshops:  (Portions of each)
It’s the End of the World (View)! The Re-Imagining Lab, Theodore Richards

Exploring Your Sacred Work in the Context of Ministry, CSC Ordination Council and Ministers: Roxanne WhiteLight, Paula Pociecha, Peter Lanzillotta, Gail Ransom, Gerry Paulsen, Diane Wolverton-Sontum.

10:45  CSC Wisdom Retreat Immersion

Lunch Break

1:15    Plenary: Sacred Diversity
2:15    Workshops:  (Portions of each)
Finding Sacred Work in a Sacred World with John Robinson

A Code of Being and Becoming: Cosmic Beatitudes for this Evolutionary Moment, Carol Kilby
3:30    Matthew Fox Keynote address 

Dinner Break

7:30  Cosmic  Mass

Sunday, April 29  
8:30   Body Prayer with Michael Mansfield

9:45    Celebration with the Jubilee! Community
12:30  Closing Ceremonies



Michael Conti, our live stream videographer has over 32 years’ experience and extensive knowledge in all aspects of video production, technical direction, online learning modules and digital streaming distribution, helping people tell stories and monetize their content.  As a director, editor and producer or consultant, Michael’s long track record of successes, starting in Hollywood, speaks through the variety of his work.  A member of Creation Spirituality Communities for five years, Michael has been very generous to our organization. He also provides creative guidance for his clients, whether working with instructional designers, voice-over artists, or motion graphic animators, Michael brings excellence to every job he undertakes.

With the release of his inspirational documentary, The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard, Michael has become an internationally known filmmaker.  The filmed premiered in Germany and has been screened by    Harvard Divinity School and Emory University.  It is available on many streaming platforms. The Unruly Mystic is a part of a limited 5-part series. The second film, John Muir, The Unruly Mystic is premiering in theaters across American this spring, including a showing in Asheville directly following this Sacred Earth Gathering.