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Sacred Earth ~ Sacred Work : SCHEDULE

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Thursday, April 26  
4:00      Registration Opens

5:30      Art Gallery Opening
7:30   Opening Ceremonies
           ABRAHAM JAM interfaith trio:  
           David LaMotte + Billy Jonas + Dawud Wharnsby
           Opening act – Daniel Barber

Friday,  April 27  
8:00     Registration opens

8:30     Body Prayer with Michael Mansfield
9:15     Workshops
* Reflect a Diversity of Voices in Decision Making, Michelle Smith
* The Transformational Power of Sound, Michael Dodin
* The Bush University: Aboriginal Spiritual Law, Paul Taylor
* Empowered by the Cosmos, New Words, New Eyes, Penny Andrews
* Connecting with the Holy Helpers, Mary Ann Maruska
* Archetypes of Gender Partnership in Via Transformativa, Carol Pearson
10:45   Earth Activist Panel, Skylar Wilson and Jen Listug, hosts

Lunch Break

1:15    Workshops
* Restoring the Heart of Abraham: Using Spiritual Practice as a Conduit for Peace, Roxanne
* Authentic Customer Service as Sacred Work, Majo John Madden
* Reclaiming the Wild Spirit, Skylar Wilson and Jennifer Listug
* The Transformational Power of Sound, Michael Dodin
* Tell the Children We Are Stardust, Jinni Easterday
* Panel: Creating and Sustaining your Creation Spirituality Community, CS Community Leaders:
Shook, Crowell, Hanger, Ransom, Dodin, Reaman
2:45    Cohort Circles for Artists, Musicians, Poets, Authors, Activists, Ministers & Practioners 
Plus Dancing our Sacred Earth, Dancing our Sacred Work: THe  Spirituality of Ritual Leadership, Michael Mansfield
4:00    Elder InnerView with Howard Hanger
5:00    Honorary Elder Ordination of Howard Hanger

Dinner Break

7:00 Marcia McFee Keynote Address
8:00 CS Worship and Launch of Dr McFee’s six new “Sacred Earth- Sacred Work” worship designs

Saturday, April 28 
8:00    Registration open

8:30    Body Prayer with Michael Mansfield
9:15    Workshops
* Creation/Creation Care Curriculum for Kids, Vicky Garlock
* Writing to Awaken Our Soul, Candace Chellew-Hodge
* The Revolution in Three Sound Steps: A Bridge to Personal, Social, and Systemic Health, Daniel Barber
* Navigating the Negativa, An Andean Perspective, Jeff
Firewalker Schmidt
* Sufi Wisdom, Pouria Montazeri
* Exploring Your Sacred Work in the Context of Ministry, CSC Ordination Council and Ministers
WhiteLight, Pociecha, Lanzillotta, Ransom, Paulsen, Wolverton-Sontum
* It’s the End of the World (View)! The Re-Imagining Lab, Theodore Richards

10:45  CSC Wisdom Retreat Immersion

Lunch Break

1:15     Plenary: Sacred Work- Sacred Diversity
2:15    Workshops
* Creation’s Voice – A Sacred Language for the Soul, Carol Wimmer
* Practicing Self-Care w/ Chinese Accupressure, Ann Ehringhaus
* Finding Sacred Work in a Sacred World, John Robinson
* The Future of Spiritual Community, Joran Oppelt
* Introducing Creation Spirituality into Worship, Marcia McFee
* A Code of Being and Becoming: Cosmic Beatitudes for this Evolutionary Moment, Carol Kilby
3:30    Matthew Fox Keynote address 
5:15     Book Signing: The Order of the Sacred Earth,  by Matthew Fox, Jen Listug and Skylar Wilson
5:30    Creation Spirituality Communities Member Reception

Dinner Break

7:30  Cosmic  Mass

Sunday, April 29  
8:30   Body Prayer with Michael Mansfield

9:45    Celebration with the Jubilee! Community
11:15   Affinity Group Meetings (Convened by participants.)
12:30  Closing Ceremonies

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