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Elder InnerViews

CSC Elder InnerViews 

These interviews serve as a sacred honoring of elders who have contributed profoundly to CSC values and teachings, a sharing of their wisdom, and the creation of an archived repository of our collective journey through our aging.  Our goal is to acknowledge, ignite, and unleash the fertile potential of our elder years in service to the entire earth community.

Each 45 minute InnerView is held online on the third Thursday of the month and includes audience response and discussion. The InnerViews are recorded and then posted here on our CSC website.

Join us in welcoming the wisdom of the sage.

In this Elder InnerView, Dr. Tom Stempel shows us how the experience of outsider can lead a person to a search for deep connection. Tom’s studies and dissertation at the University of Creation Spirituality was a direct outgrowth of that childhood outsider: “The Outsider Coming Home: Finding the Tao in Meister Eckhart.”  “Outsiders are driven to find direction and purpose, and in so doing become our visionaries, dreamers,  prophets, mystics, artists and creators.”  Tom himself transformed the intellectual dreamer of a small mill town into a spiritual explorer who was drawn to allopathic medicine, the natural world,  Creation Spirituality, Evolutionary Spirituality and generally drawing outside the lines. In this video, you will discover how, over the course of time, the currents of outsider led him to the core of his true self.

Barbara Susan Booth M.A., D.Min. has focused her life work on promoting the love of learning, the love of creativity and love of intuitive wisdom. She is the founder and director of Sacred Wisdom Centre, in Guelph, Ontario which has welcomed an array of wisdom teachers including Matthew Fox and Joanna Macy.  There she has gathered people to share in the deeper meaning of what is sacred.   Barbara graduated from the University of Creation Spirituality in 2001 with a Doctor of Ministry, focusing her dissertation on “The Emergence of the Conscious Feminine.”  In the years following,  Barbara studied with the Marion Woodman Foundation, until 2008.  She taught for a year with a Woodman Foundation team in California and served on the board of directors for that foundation. She has worked as a Soul Collage facilitator and remains connected to the Jesuit community where she studied spiritual direction.

In this Elder InnerVIew, Kaleo Ching shares his life long focus on the deepening power of creativity.  Through embodied prayer, maskmaking and collage workshops, Hawaiian lomilomi, qigong and hypnotherapy, he has guided many people on their journey into their selves to embrace their souls.  As an elder Kaleo understands his life purpose is to live a prayerful life in tune with the divine within and around him. In this InnerView, he encourages us particularly to watch for messages in daily life.  Tune in, and learn how to employ Aloha, the breath of God, in your own practices, and participate in a Qigong session led by Kaleo at the end of the InnerView.

Dr. Larry Edwards has imparted reverence for the sacred story of the universe and its dynamics to students of Creation Spirituality through reason, ritual, dance, and awe.  He was educated as a chemical-physicist at Harvard University from which he received his PhD.  Over the years he has presented the Universe story as our sacred creation story in a variety of settings from purely academic to religious/spiritual centers; e.g. University of Creation Spirituality, Miami-Dade College, Genesis Farm Earth Literacy Center, and the Dominican Ecocentre in Wicklow, Ireland. His presentations emphasize that a new context is necessary to fully answer such ancient questions as “Who am I?”, “Where do I come from?”

Alexandra Kovats, csjp, Ph.D. is an internationally known thought leader, spiritual director, and teacher. During this InnerView, conducted by John Robinson on October 19, she shared some of her insights gleaned from a life dedicated to ecology, creation spirituality, spiritual cosmology, eco-feminism and the religious life.  Dr. Kovats has taught many members of our Creation Spirituality community at the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland (UCS) and at the Institute of Culture and Creation Spirituality (ICCS) where she also served as Program Director.  In this InnerView, you will hear how Alexandra’s experiences as a young girl in war torn Budapest, Hungary shaped her life and ministry. She now lives in Seattle, Washington.

Gina Rose Halpern is the visionary leader who became the founder and first director for The Chaplaincy Institute (CHI) which trains and ordains interfaith ministers and chaplains.  She has taught at several universities and is a recipient of the Huston Smith Educator Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognized her “exceptional impact on interfaith education through work with students and through other expressions of interfaith and inter-spiritual service to the world at large.”  In this InnerView, conducted by Dr. John Robinson, Dr. Halpern shares stories from the creation of the Chaplaincy Institute and impressions and practices she now attends to in her retirement.

Rev. Dr. Carol Vaccariello is a spiritual coach, a protestant pastor, a former nun, an American Catholic Bishop, and the former co-director of the  Doctor of Ministry program at both the Ecumenical Theological Seminary and the University of Creation Spirituality. Culturally, Carol is grounded in the Italian Strega tradition which informs her Earth based, Wise Woman, Healer, Native knowing of our cosmic home. She now practices deep ecumenism through a braided Spirituality (braidedway.org). In this InnerView, Carol introduces to her spirit guides and angelic forces which are her constant guides and the subject of her new book, Ari’El, Lion of God.

Rev. Dr. Jeremy Taylor, an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister, has worked with dreams for over forty years, and on the faculty of the University of Creation Spirituality.  He blends the values of spirituality with an active social conscience and a Jungian perspective. Founding member and past president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, he has written four books integrating dream symbolism, mythology, and archetypal energy. In this InnerView, Jeremy plumbs the unfathomable depths of our subconscious mind, awake and asleep, now and later in life.

Rev. Dr. Mel Bricker, served as a United Methodist minister in western Michigan with a focus on hunger, healing and spirituality. Soon after coming to California to study with Matthew Fox, he returned  to become Dr. Fox’s personal assistant, eventually becoming the Co-Director of the Doctor of Ministry program at the University of Creation Spirituality. In this InnerView, Mel challenges us to immerse ourselves in the throes of the Four Paths and take time to savor life as we find it, offering affirmation to creation itself.


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