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Join Us For Three Powerful Online Sessions on the Spirituality of Aging

One of the most spectacular arcs of transformation in this universe must be the arc of wisdom that evolves within each human as we grow and change. The cumulative effect of reflecting upon our lives during each decade, both the triumphs and the hardships, eventually brings us to a new regard for life and its mysteries. We develop an appreciation for life’s larger paradigms and its insistent undercurrents. And, if we are true to our nature, we become wise.

As an outgrowth of the Conscious Aging classes that John Robinson offered at the Generations Gathering, John, Penny Andrews, and Gail Ransom have been meeting to discern how to acknowledge, ignite, and unleash the incredible potential of our expanding community of elders

We have chosen to offer you three online interviews with three treasured Creation Spirituality elders whose spirits shine with the hard-won maturity of the sage. We envision these interviews as:

¨    a sacred honoring of elders who have contributed profoundly to CSC values and teachings
¨    a sharing of their wisdom
¨    the creation of an archived repository of our collective journey into age

You are invited to tune in to these InnerViews through an online video conferencing format. Each interview will include a time for response and discussion. The interview portion of the session will be recorded and made available on our CSC website.

To register, write to:   A few days before each InnerView, you will be sent a link to paste in your browser to participate in the session.

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April 30-May 2

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