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Ordination in CSC

Ordination into Your Sacred Work in the World
Through Creation Spirituality Communities

 Ordination through Creation Spirituality Communities, Inc. is an outgrowth of our belief that the divine is in all people and each of us is called to sacred work in the world. It is a process of affirmation and credentialing for those who have been called by God/Universe to be a model, mentor, and leader in the Creation Spirituality tradition.

A minister ordained through CSC is not limited to supporting and leading traditional style communities. We believe that there is sacred work to be done in every profession. It is possible to be ordained as an artist, a financier, a teacher, a nurse, a physicist, or an activist, to suggest a few.

The common thread among CS clergy is the study, embodiment, and creativity that rise out of their interface with Creation Spirituality. Each minister finds her or his process for celebrating the divine in all things, co-creating sacred space, pursuing sacred work in the world, and engaging the tenets of Creation Spirituality in their lives. Ministers meet regularly either in person or in virtual space.

Ordination through Creation Spirituality Communities requires the completion of intensive coursework in the six basic themes of Creation Spirituality from CSC supported providers.

  • Introduction to Creation Spirituality
  • The Reinvention of Work
  • Deep Ecumenism
  • Mysticism
  • The Universe Story/New Cosmology
  • Art as Meditation

As a candidate for ordination, you would work with a seasoned mentor to develop your skills in

  • Spiritual leadership consistent with your sacred work
  • Resource development and organizational practices
  • Nurturing sacred relationships
  • Compassionate action

At present, ordination is open to those who have received a Masters degree or a Doctor of Ministry in Creation Spirituality from The Institute of Culture and Creation Spirituality, The University of Creation Spirituality, or Wisdom University. In the very near future, it will be possible to take these courses directly from CSC approved courses and instructors, or combine your MA with the 6 core CS courses.

If you are interested in ordination through Creation Spirituality Communities, please contact our CS Registrar, Bob Wilson at CSregistrar15@gmail.com or Bob Wilson, 1146 Brintell Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201