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The Story of CSC

The seeds of CSC were planted in October 2005 when Susan Coppage Evans attended a course led by Matthew Fox in Chartres, France. During her time there she had a mystical experience and visitation that asked her to call forth a “Creation Spirituality Church”. Together with Matthew Fox, Susan discerned the meaning of the mystical experience through contemplation, dialogue and letter writing. They formed a discernment committee to find out if others resonated with this call. In June 2006, a steering committee met in Oakland, CA for two days to discern the calling and make appropriate recommendations. The committee was formed of former University of Creation Spirituality D.Min students, Creation Spirituality leaders, and individuals who served on the Board of the Friends of directors. In February of 2007 Creation Spirituality Communities was incorporated as non-profit organization in Colorado with this mission and vision:

Vision For Creation Spirituality Communities (CSC): A network of communities ranging from intentional groups to alternative churches, which are grounded in the tenets of Creation Spirituality and revere the sacredness of all creation. Through study, ritual, celebration and action, these communities support justice, compassion, transformation and sustainability for the Universe and for all living beings.

Mission of CSC: To provide training, resources, support, guidance, structure and encouragement for the development of Creation Spirituality communities. To honor the core values of Creation Spirituality. To act as a networking vehicle for individuals who seek to join others in the study and practice of Creation Spirituality. To provide opportunities that honor creation and cultivate the mystic, prophet and artist in all people.

Over the years since formation, CSC has hosted gatherings and events that brought CS leaders together and introduced others to the teachings of Creation Spirituality. The CSC Board of Directors provides ongoing support for the establishment of Creation spirituality inspired communities and support for people pursuing their sacred work in the world according to CS principles.  The board is constantly developing ways to communicate and create experiences of this deeply ecumenical ecological spirituality through online seminars, social media, retreats, and a newsletter. They have developed a Creation Spirituality Ordination program which held its first ordination on July 30, 2016.  CSC has networked with Friends of Creations Spirituality, the Matthew Fox Legacy Project, and the newly developing Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality to support the work and teachings of Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox.

Creation Spirituality Communities is indebted to the volunteer leadership of the original discernment/steering committee as well as the Board members who have served over the years:

Matthew Fox*
Susan Coppage Evans
Mel Bricker
Debra Martin*
Jo An Gaines*
John Keefer*
Karen Ray*
Debra Amaral*
Ann Dean*
Philip Hoku Harmon*
Bill Gordan
Matt Henry
Nicole Porcaro
Mary Plaster
Rick Kuykendall
Marybeth Granberry
Edina Preucel
Di Wolverton
Calen Rayne
Tracey Longacre
Carl Freeman Reynolds
Tom Stemple
Daniel Barber
Wayne Schwandt
Lynda Boozer
Peter Lanzillotta
Sid Hall
Mary Davis
Gail Ransom
Carol Pearson
Robert Wilson
Judy Shook
Gary Jacinto
Mary Reaman
Dave Summers
Roxanne Whitelight

*Original Discernment/Steering Committee members who did not serve as CSC Board members