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What is Creation Spirituality Communities (CSC)?

Creation Spirituality Communities, Inc. (CSC) is a network of persons of diverse spiritual pursuits and communities ranging from intentional groups to alternative churches that are grounded in the tenets of Creation Spirituality and who revere the sacredness of all creation.  CSC serves as a networking vehicle for people seeking to join others in the study and practice of Creation Spirituality. It is an evolving community that honors the sacredness of all creation and cultivates the mystical, creative, and visionary capacities of the whole human family.

CSC supports the Creation Spirituality movement by providing programs and information and avenues for conversation within the  community. It provides retreats and seminars, online resources, support, structure, and encouragement for those who seek to live more deeply into the wisdom of creation. Creation Spirituality Communities also conducts an ordination program to develop and support spiritual leadership for a gathered community or for the pursuit of sacred work in the world through artistry, activism, teaching, engineering,  business, sacred economics, or other professions.

Creation Spirituality Communities was conceived by Dr. Susan Evans in 2006 as means to transform the teachings of Creation Spirituality into community life, spiritual practice, and prophetic action. It is led by a nine member board of directors who provide opportunities to participate in and sustain the core values of Creation Spirituality.

While it is possible to participate in the life of CSC without being a member, individual and community memberships sustain and support the mission and programs of CSC. Click HERE to become a member of Creation Spirituality Communities. Click HERE to sign up for our mailing list and quarterly newsletter. Click HERE to participate in our interactive social site.

Creation Spirituality Communities offers you:

  • Networking among members and within CS communities
  • International Creation Spirituality gatherings, workshops, and events.
  • Advocacy for inclusion of Creation Spirituality in the wider inter-religious dialogue
  • Online conferences, seminars, and discussion groups
  • Conscious Aging Elder Inner-View online conferences
  • Ordination program for MS and DMin graduates in Creation Spirituality
  • Informational materials about Creation Spirituality
  • Comprehensive website for information and community building.
  • Speakers, seminar and workshop leader listing
  • Advocacy for inclusion of Creation Spirituality in the wider inter-religious dialogue
  • Social media opportunities at http://originalblessing.ning.com and on Facebook
  • Bi-monthly newsletter