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The Fox Institute

for Creation Spirituality

Creation Spirituality employs the whole body, mind, spirit, and psyche. And so does the pedagogy of the Fox Institute of Creation Spirituality. In the unique pedagogy developed by Matthew Fox, students of Creation Spirituality learn through intellectual inquiry, art as meditation, multi-sensory forms of spiritual practice, and personal reflection.  Courses will be offered as retreats or as five day intensives in Boulder, CO beginning in spring 2017, or online in 2018.

Each day at the Fox Institute begins with body prayer, followed by the week’s seminar. Afternoons are spent under the tutelage of a visual artist, musician, poet, dancer, or artist of another form who leads students into the mysticism of creative expression. Each day ends with a group conversation reflecting on the experiences of the day.

The list of teachers who have taught with Dr. Fox in the past includes the luminaries of the inter-spiritual network: Carolyn Myss, Andrew Harvey, Jeremy Taylor, Dorsey Blake, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Brian Swimme, Kaleo and Elise Ching, Jean Houston,  Alexandra Kovats, Bruce Silverman, Starhawk,Larry Edwards, Joanna Macy, Michael Mansfield, Marlene DeNardo, and Ana Perez Chisti.

The Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality (FICS) is a nonprofit educational organization approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education to operate as a religious school/seminary.  It is possible to take either single courses or pursue a Certificate, Masters, or Doctor of Ministry at the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality. Below are some of the degrees and courses the Fox Institute offers.

Degrees Offered by the Fox Institute of Creation Spirituality:

Certificate in Creation Spirituality

Masters of Spirituality

Doctor of Ministry

Sample List of Courses offered by the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality

The Emerging New Cosmology
Deep Ecumenism: Interspirituality and the Wisdom traditions.
Reinvention of Work, Leadership and Culture
Mystics East and West
Ritual Making and Worship
Spiritual Care of Community
Deep Ecology and Theology of the Land
Mind, Meditation and Mystical Practices
Valuing the Creativity of Life: Personal Narratives of Every Generation
Rituals and Rites of Passage
Spiritual Mentoring and Eldering
Engaging Poverty
Indigenous Wisdom
Spirituality and Sustainability Practices